Rhett’s Poetry

( if i just were not here)

I'm so lonesome I'm nauseous
I feel swirling sick inside
A vagabond in a cruel world
at the alter a stood up bride
Does Alien blood
Runs in my veins
I m a stranger among strangers
They all look different
Yet the same
Ghosts haunt my thoughts
stuck in a swirling warp of time
You can't exercise spirits
When their only Exhistance is in your mind
Everyone is so faithless
Their mirror is their best friend
Caught in a narcistic vortex
Self centered inferiors know no end
Ocean Waves
Poets say represent eternity
I'm sitting by the beach
Perhaps old man sea is calling me
But it's Dark hand has too short a reach
I keep starring expecting a voice
Do these dark moments Exist to teach?
A cold loveless wind
Blows thru my bones
I walk an a abandoned beach
My soul roams alone

In Capernum
due to their lack of faith it reads
Jesus could not heal
Even the King requires Mustard
My legs are weary
Time has drained my Joy
An older man now
Carrying the corpse of a Boy
People speak
But I can't hear
They stand close
But nobody is near
Hollow loneliness
whispers in my ear
No one would even take note
If I just we're not here

Some one will Die

Some one will Die
In a lonely dark room
A groom with no bride
A Bride with no groom
Some will applaud
That it didn't come too soon
Cause they can't find the door
Out of that Dark gloom
Most lock the lock
So no one can get in
Self isolation impedes
A new Life to begin
A room can be filled
Yet you can still be alone
On a crowded bus
Or in the Compfort of home
We can listen and listen
But be deaf to hear
We can stand all alone
Tho a thousand stand near
Birth takes a surrender
That can melt the walls
Wether your locked in a mansion
Or in a horse stall
We were made with one mouth
But two ears to hear
We can remain deaf
If we give lordship to fear
God left out a piece of the puzzle
In every woman and man
But supplied each with an arm
That can reach another's hand
So if darkness surrounds you
And your jail house is a joyless dark room
Grab someone's hand
And a new day will bloom


Imperfect Poems
Written for you and me.

Dear God

Dear God
Have you forgotten me
I once felt your presence
But no not lately
Was it you who walked away
Was it myself
I want to blame you
or somebody else
I shoulder my world
feed my ambitions with stress
I should exercise surrender
but I think I know what's best
my pride is my guide
renders me blind to see
my ego makes me forfeit
peace and tranquility
I am my own driver
Take the wheel from me
remember Lord I am but dust
I plead your mercy

I'm so far from Jesus

A cold mist runs thru my bones
My hearts in a thousand pieces
Loneliness leads my feet to roam
It was me that walked away
Feeding my runaway desires
I woke up on a frozen iceberg
I can't find the warmth of His fire
My maps have turned to dust
like sand falls thru my hands
I roam foreign valleys
Greed drawing me to Godless plans
I'm the one who walked away
Turned off my GPS and phone
I'm so far from Jesus
I can't find my way back home
I can't differentiate the voices
that whisper in my ear
Is it a Holy Angel
Or a devil drawing me near
I'm searching for a chapel
I need to find my knees
to fall in contrite satellite position
and seek my Fathers mercy
I'm so far from Jesus
a foggy cloud is my best friend
where are the lines in the road
where does it begin and end
I'm longing for His fragrance
hungry for His purity
I'm so Far from Jesus
I couldn't see Him standing next to me.

People come for a Season

People come for a Season
Seasons change
Why is it so hard to move on
I want to remain in the same
Yesterday can be fond memories
Or yesterdays can be chains
But the River of Life moves on
Nothing remains the same
I can choose to resist
I can choose to embrace
Ill choose to surrender to the rivers flow
And enjoy as it reveals a new place

Everything is Fine

A teenager is lost in the dark
Aunt Hattie she has a broken heart
"How are you ?"people ask so kind
We smile back " Everything is fine"

The bills are heavy on your shoulder
Family tension is getting colder
People ask"are you in a bind"
We smile back " All is fine"

We walk along in dark despair
Hide our hearts with an air
Would you like to share some time
Not right now "All is Fine"

Even friends we've had for years
When they spy our eye has a tear
"Can I help ?"they ask so kind
"Please don't worry, I'll be fine"

From the time we begin
We decide not to let others in
We make ourselves go slowly blind
We say to ourselves" Ill be fine"

When harsh words make us feel small
We cringe behind isolation's walls
We keep them painted, we make them shine
We shout over the walls" I'm doing fine"

We coddle the hurts and nurture them
Revisiting the pain again and again
We bow to them and build a shrine
and speak the feel good lie " I am fine"

"Fine" is a line between truth and deceit
They can see each other yet never meet
Others are near yet alone we dine
"Are you ok?" in the divide we lie "I am fine"

So when you know there's a brokenness
Don't listen to the deceit mouths confess
Pursue your instincts you perceive hidden signs
Persist behind lips that lie "I am fine"

I had an acquaintance we smiled said "Hello"
As he walked by his eyes looked hollow
The paper said he hung himself i yearned to return time
I wish I said more than "I hope your fine"

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