Some one will Die

Some one will Die
In a lonely dark room
A groom with no bride
A Bride with no groom
Some will applaud
That it didn't come too soon
Cause they can't find the door
Out of that Dark gloom
Most lock the lock
So no one can get in
Self isolation impedes
A new Life to begin
A room can be filled
Yet you can still be alone
On a crowded bus
Or in the Compfort of home
We can listen and listen
But be deaf to hear
We can stand all alone
Tho a thousand stand near
Birth takes a surrender
That can melt the walls
Wether your locked in a mansion
Or in a horse stall
We were made with one mouth
But two ears to hear
We can remain deaf
If we give lordship to fear
God left out a piece of the puzzle
In every woman and man
But supplied each with an arm
That can reach another's hand
So if darkness surrounds you
And your jail house is a joyless dark room
Grab someone's hand
And a new day will bloom