I'm so far from Jesus

I'm so far from Jesus  
A cold mist runs thru my bones
My hearts  in a thousand pieces
Loneliness leads my feet to roam
It was me that walked away
Feeding my runaway desires
I woke up on a frozen iceberg
I can't find the warmth of His fire
My maps have turned to dust
like sand falls thru my hands
I roam foreign valleys
Greed drawing me to  Godless plans
I'm the one who walked away
Turned off my GPS and phone
I'm so far from Jesus
I can't find my way back home
I can't differentiate the voices
that whisper in my ear
Is it a Holy Angel
Or a devil drawing me near
I'm searching for a chapel
I need to find my knees
to fall in contrite satellite position
and seek my Fathers mercy
I'm so far from Jesus
a foggy cloud is my best friend
where are the lines in the road
where does it begin and end
I'm longing for His fragrance
hungry for His purity
I'm so Far from Jesus
I couldn't see Him standing next to me.