Everything is Fine

Everything is Fine

A teenager is lost in the dark
Aunt Hattie she has a broken heart
"How are you ?"people ask so kind
We smile back " Everything is fine"

The bills are heavy on your shoulder
Family tension is getting colder
People ask"are you in a bind"
We smile back " All is fine"

We walk along in dark despair
Hide our hearts with an air
Would you like to share some time
Not right now  "All is Fine"

Even friends we've had for years
When they spy our eye has a tear
"Can I help ?"they ask so kind
"Please don't worry, I'll be fine"

From the time we begin
We decide not to let others in
We make ourselves go slowly blind
We say to ourselves" Ill be fine"

When harsh words make us feel small
We cringe behind isolation's walls
We keep them painted, we make them shine
We shout over the walls" I'm doing fine"

We coddle the hurts and nurture them
Revisiting the pain again and again
We bow to them and build a shrine
and speak the feel good lie " I am fine"

"Fine" is a line between truth and deceit
They can see each other yet never meet
Others are near yet alone we dine
"Are you ok?" in the divide we lie "I am fine"

So when you know there's a brokenness
Don't listen to the deceit mouths confess
Pursue your instincts you perceive hidden signs
Persist behind  lips that lie "I am fine"

I had an acquaintance we smiled said "Hello"
As he walked by his eyes looked hollow
The paper said he hung himself i yearned to return time
I wish I said more than "I hope your fine"