ISOLATION ( if i just were not here)

I'm so lonesome I'm nauseous
I feel swirling sick inside
A vagabond in a cruel world
at the alter a stood up bride
Does Alien blood
Runs in my veins
I m a stranger among strangers
They all look different
Yet the same
Ghosts haunt my thoughts
stuck in a swirling warp of time
You can't exercise spirits
When their  only Exhistance is in your mind
Everyone is so faithless
Their mirror is their best friend
Caught in a narcistic vortex
Self centered inferiors know no end
Ocean Waves
Poets say represent eternity
I'm sitting by the beach
Perhaps old man sea is calling me
But it's Dark hand has too short a reach
I keep starring expecting a voice
Do these dark moments Exist to teach?
A cold loveless wind
Blows thru my bones
I walk an a abandoned  beach
My soul roams alone

In Capernum
due to their  lack of faith it reads
Jesus could not heal
Even the King requires Mustard
My legs are weary
Time has drained my Joy
An older man now
Carrying the corpse of a Boy
People speak
But I can't hear
They stand close
But nobody is near
Hollow loneliness
whispers in my ear
No one would even take note
If I just we're not here