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Rhett Palmer Feb 9 - Chuck Cannon, Joseph's Cookies, Marshall Frank

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Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Author and Worship Leader, Bruce Carroll's music defies narrow description beyond great. His early folk inspiration, years on the Texas scene, an affinity for pop music and love for every genre of music, weave in and out of his composing. http://facebook.com/thebrucecarrol


Mary Lee Weir, CEO of Satya Media Group a Florida based web development firm offers tips on how to take advantage of google analytics to monetize your website. http://satyamediagroup.com

Rhett Palmer Dec 1 2014-What's Up Chuck

Rhett Palmer hosts with Co-Host Chuck Cannon, Commissioner Wesley Davis,guest Bag piper Mr. Anderson, and guest Christian singer/songwriter Bruce Carroll.

August 28, 2014

Max Harris is a 28-years-young native Saint Louisan with a LOT to say! She is currently in school studying Atmospheric Science, and plans to hit the air in the next few years doing weather. She runs her own resale business "She Got it Like That" and is well on her way to making her dreams come true! Max firmly believes "YOU control your destiny!" and encourages people to take accountability for their lives and rise above any "obstacles"  life can throw at you.

" I am a black and a woman, and people have told me I will have to work harder because of this...how about I just work hard because I am American, and that's just what we do?"

Max and her viral video can be found on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Jaxinetheone

Friday Aug 15, 2014

Rhett Speaks to Center For Advance Eye Care 


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